Mystic Aquarium

Mystic Aquarium


It’s been a bit since my last post, but I’m back! I was scrolling through my camera roll yesterday and came across some pictures I took at the Mystic Aquarium.

I took a short term travel contract for work and couldn’t resist taking a day trip to Mystic!

One of my all time favorite parts about this aquarium is the open air exhibits. Arizona has an aquarium in Scottsdale, but it is limited to what can fit indoors as the summers get so hot here.

However, at the Mystic Aquarium, there was an outdoor penguin exhibit, seal exhibit, beluga whale exhibit, and a few others!

So today I thought I would share some pictures I took of the different animals!

I don’t know what it is, but I absolutely love aquariums. There is something so intriguing about the ocean wildlife! While I intend to start a mixed animal practice after I graduate from veterinary school, I’m looking forward to the zoology, exotics, and aquatics courses!

Comment below your favorite aquatic animal or a fun fact!

Thanks for reading and “see” you soon!


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