VMCAS Application Requirements

VMCAS Application Requirements

Hello hello!

It’s been awhile, but I’m back!

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been accepted into vet school! I’m not going to lie, it was quite a surprise to receive that email. The school applied to performed rolling admissions, with a constant review of applications, so with each review (I believe four before I got the acceptance) I was notified of not being selected. Until I opened the last email, expecting another rejection, and it very much was not!

So today I am sharing some information about the requirements I need to fulfill for the VMCAS application.

Note: I’d like to preface this rest of this post by stating that I am specifically sharing the requirements for the U of A veterinary school. There were some items not required for this school, such as: the GRE and a letter of recommendation from a veterinarian.

The Requirements


Surprise, surprise! You will need official transcripts from every school you have attended to demonstrate completion of the required courses.

This was one of the first requirements I finished because it can take time for these documents to be sent and processed, on top of the snail mail timeline. I found them to be processed fairly quickly by the school I was requesting them from and by the VCMAS system.

In addition to submitting official transcripts, there is a section where you add your courses manually and use a drop down menu to indicate which requirements are being met.

For example, 8 credit hours of physics would be fulfilled by my physics 1 and 2 courses. So, I would type those course names into the section for course identification and label them as my physics requirements.

Letters of Recommendation

The application calls for three letters of recommendation. Some schools require a letter of recommendation from a veterinarian. It is very important to make sure you meet this requirement if your school asks for it.

For this section, you will fill out a form with the name of the person you are requesting the letter of recommendation from and their email address. This will send a link to a separate form they will fill out online.

For this requirement, I asked my nurse preceptor, the CEO of the animal rescue I volunteered at for many years, and the CEO of the high school I graduated from. Each of these people could speak to my character and accomplishments.


Each application will require a personal statement, just as with any other graduate application. Here is where you “make your case” outlining why you want to do what you want to do.

I’m not going to lie, this was defiantly the hardest part for me. I know I want to be a vet, this is all I have ever wanted to be. However, faced with a blank page knowing someone else was going to read it and decide if I was good enough was nerve wracking. The character limit for my application was 3,000 and my submission was right around 2,300. Thankfully, the application does include a small section of pointers of items to think about including in your personal statement, which I have added below.

My school required a supplemental essay. I’m not sure if other school require this, but if they do, make sure you submit one as it will be in a different location than the VMCAS essay. Here, the school listed its core values and asked for the applicant to explain how they demonstrate one of these values. Essentially, I wrote about each one and cited specific examples of my actions supporting these values.

Other than the standard personal information items, this pretty much covers it! The application process itself is organized and laid out well, so it is easy to keep track of which have been completed and which ones haven’t been.

If you are applying this cycle, I wish you the best of luck!

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